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Certifying copies of original documents

Los Angeles Travel Notary

Certifying copies of original documents is a process whereby a notary public verifies that a copy of an original document is a true and accurate reproduction of the original. This certification adds an extra layer of authenticity to the copy, making it legally valid and admissible in various situations

What is Witnessing and Authenticating Signatures?

At Los Angeles Travel Notary, we understand the importance of having certified copies of your original documents. Whether you need certified copies for legal, business, or personal purposes, our expert notaries are here to assist you. With our reliable and efficient services, you can trust us to certify your copies accurately and efficiently.

Our Process:

  1. Verification of Original Document: To certify a copy, our notaries first verify the authenticity of the original document. This may involve examining the original document to ensure that it is genuine and unaltered.

  2. Creation of Copy: Once the original document has been verified, our notaries create a photocopy or digital scan of the document. This copy will serve as the certified copy that you can use for your intended purpose.

  3. Certification of Copy: After creating the copy, our notaries affix their official seal or stamp to the copy, along with a certification statement. This statement typically includes details such as the date of certification, the type of document copied, and the notary’s name and commission information.

  4. Completion of Notarial Certificate: In addition to affixing their seal, our notaries complete a notarial certificate or jurat, which provides further details about the certification process. This certificate serves as official documentation of the notarial act.

Benefits of Using Our Services:

  • Legal Validity: Our certified copies are legally valid and admissible in various legal, business, and personal contexts. You can rely on our certifications to meet the requirements of courts, government agencies, and other organizations.
  • Accuracy: Our notaries take great care to ensure that the certified copies accurately reflect the original documents. You can trust that the copies we certify are true and faithful reproductions of the originals.
  • Convenience: We offer flexible scheduling options and convenient locations to accommodate your needs. Whether you need certified copies for a single document or multiple documents, we’re here to assist you.

Trust Los Angeles Travel Notary to certify your copies of original documents with precision and professionalism. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services.

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