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Convenient Mobile Notary Service in Los Angeles: Transparent and Affordable Fees You Can Trust

Los Angeles Travel Notary

Our notary service fees are structured to ensure transparency and fairness for our valued clients. Here’s a breakdown of our fee structure:

  1. By Date and Time:

    • Our standard notary service fee applies during regular business hours on weekdays.
    • For appointments scheduled outside of regular business hours or on weekends, an additional fee may apply to accommodate your needs.
  2. By Travel Distance:

    • Our standard notary service fee covers appointments within a specified radius from our location.
    • For appointments requiring travel beyond this radius, an additional fee based on distance may be assessed to cover travel expenses.
  3. Holiday Surcharge:

    • Appointments scheduled on recognized holidays may be subject to a holiday surcharge to compensate our notary publics for their availability and service during holiday periods.
  4. Special Places:

    • For appointments scheduled at special locations such as hospitals, nursing homes, correctional facilities, or other non-standard venues, an additional fee may be applied to cover any associated logistical challenges or requirements.
  5. Out of Business Hours:

    • Appointments scheduled outside of our regular business hours may be subject to an out-of-business-hours surcharge to compensate our notary publics for their availability and service during non-standard hours.

Please note that our fees are subject to change and may vary depending on the specific circumstances of your appointment. For a personalized quote or to inquire about our current fee schedule, please contact us directly. We strive to provide transparent pricing and exceptional service to meet your notarial needs.

General Notary Service Fees

Set Fees By Date, Time, Distance.
Holiday, Special Places, Out of Normal Business Hours Additional Fees Apply! 

1st Notarization Included
Every Subsequent Notarization will be $15


1 – 2 mile travel


2 -5 mile travel


5 – 10 mile travel


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